It is a shame that we are where we are today. Please, what justification or excuse is tenable for this abysmal failure of our system and man’s inhumanity to man.

Just imagine that our problem in a country of abundant crude oil is fuel! It is a shame. It is a failure of leadership and our system generally. When are we going to move on to another stage, for crying out loud? We are never discussing new innovations, technological or scientific, but crudity and pettiness.

What is the essence of leadership? Is it not to positively impact on the people? Is it not to be the pathfinder? Is it not to create opportunities in abundance for the people? Is it not to ameliorate difficult circumstances? Is it not to find solutions to problems? Is leadership about excuses? God, Almighty God, why are we like this? Why?

When are we going to evolve a system that is going to raise us to, at least, a standard that will make us look like we are human beings at all?

And when we talk about leaders, how about the followers? Where are the patriots? Nigerians are divided on ethnic, religious and political dichotomy. They can defend shame any where in the world! Some Nigerians are rejoicing that we are in this mess, thinking it is an opportunity to score political point. No. You are wrong. The shame is our shame. Some are defending this present disgrace of a Nation, also seeing things from parochial political lens. You are very wrong? We should just cover our face if we know shame at all.

How do you defend fuel scarcity in Nigeria when we are not at war? How do we defend the annual ritual of fuel scarcity during yuletide? It is unfair. Even at the normal supply rate, was our commonsense on leave of absence that we didn’t prepare for increased demand in December and January?

What is there for the masses to enjoy in this country? What public facility is today of the standard enjoyed by our Fathers and Uncles? Is it the hospital, the roads, electricity, schools or what?

So, it is not really about politics. It is a result of abysmal failure from all our leaders. We are tired of stories.

The new story is that we should wait for Dangote refinery in 2019. You want to kill us before 2019?

Please, I repeat, it is a shame that we cannot fuel this nation. It is a shame. We need to do something urgent to redress this. At least, it is a profitable venture. Why can’t our government go into PPP with some consortiums.

Temidayo Temola,
Lijofi Compound
Ilutitun Osooro

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